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  • Solar Air Heaters - Review by Phil Tripp

    The Solar Air Heater available from negergy is a relatively new product. It has already been taken up by a number of 'early adopters' in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Many customers thinking of purchasing a solar air heater would like... read more

  • Electricity Price Deregulation in NSW - Who to Believe?

    The state government has introduced a change that will abolish government regulated electricity tariffs in NSW (commencing yesterday, 1st July 2014). The NSW Greens are crying foul, saying consumers will lose out in the long run (and they are threatening... read more

  • ALDI LED Light Bulbs Review (GU10, MR16, Candle, Screw, Bayonet)

    This weekend ALDI is selling a range of LED light bulbs under the name 'Muller Licht.' Although they're only on offer once per year, they're well worth reviewing given their low price point. From our perspective, as sellers of Philips... read more